Modern Warfare T-shirt New Release

Modern Warfare T-shirt New Release

Modern warfare t-shirt released April 1 in stores.

Customers were allowed to pre-order for almost a week before the in-store release date, which many customers took advantage of since it was a limited release. 

What is the real meaning behind this design and how did the concept come about?

The idea came above during the pandemic last year but was pushed aside a few times because of everything that was going on with me personally. It wasn't until a few weeks ago after the invasion of Ukraine that I decided to go back to the design.

Originally it was designed to shed light on modernized weapons which some people would consider conspiracy theory. The use of viruses and vaccination that are killing people daily. The separation of families and the wearing of masks that don't allow you to breathe.

Then the “war” and suddenly there were threats of using nuclear gas and other weapons of mass destruction and I suddenly realized this fits everything my design and idea was about.

The whole idea of my design is to shed light, bring a new perspective on what is going on in the world today, and find new ways, and better solutions to problems that won't impact the lives of others in a negative way.

Just like any other of my design, this is a work of art design to give voice to the voiceless.

Design elements and break them down.

In the design, there is a globe surrounded by fire caused by the syringes or missiles depending on how you look at it. There is also the use of a mask for aid. I also decided later on to add the crack glass that shows how fragile we are as humans and how our privacy has been invaded which normally started out as small, simple things we tend to ignore then spread quickly. The Modern Warfare text with cracks shows the journey, our wounds, and our scars.

There is so much into this design and t-shirt everyone can gather their own understanding, and interpretation and in the end, enjoy a good design and a comfortable t-shirt that means

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